Reena Tailor


Reena Tailor is a Bollywood dancer, choreographer and runs Bollywood Dreams Dance Academy in the Midlands. She has lived in Solihull for most of her life and now lives with her husband and two children.

Reena has a BA in Technical Communications from Coventry University but she decided to pursue dance as her career after she accidentally fell into it. She started her first class 18 years ago in Moseley which quickly snowballed into being one of the largest Bollywood dance schools in the West Midlands. As well as running classes and performing, she also does education work, teaching dance workshops in schools to all ages.

She is passionate about creating opportunities for people in the arts and believes it has a big role to play in the physical and mental well being of our society. Reena is also passionate in raising awareness about mental health and OCD which has impacted her personally.

When not teaching Reena enjoys creating mainly dance related content for her Instagram and TikTok social media platforms… and presenting The South Asian Hour with Reena every Thursday at 10am .

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