John Reeves


John a Construction Manager by day and a born again 20 something by night.

He’s Ex Royal Navy, and a charity fundraising champion for SAFFA,  Troop-aid, Royal British Legion and many local charities.

John’s love of radio started in his schooldays, listening to radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg and the new “Radio 1”. Listening to DJs such as Simon Dee, Emperor Rosco and Dave Lee Travis. These were the guys that fired up his imagination and passion for radio.

He is an experienced presenter and event Host/MC, and has a passion for music especially Soul, Motown and Northern Soul. From the magic of Motown, the smooth sound of Soul, the heavy beat and up-tempo of Northern Soul and some great funky stuff as well John will play the music you know and love. With requests, dedications and some great chat “The Soul & Motown Show” will get your heart skipping, fingers clicking and your feet tapping.

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